Several years ago I owned a BMW R100S that had been rebuilt by and employee of the local BMW dealership. I had also made a few upgrades during my ownership. One windy day, I was on my way to get a new front tire, thinking that I really didn't enjoy riding in crapy weather. Then, I hit the front brake (long story) and locked up the front tire, which went quickly to a "tank slapper." The last thing that I remember was thinking that the next part was going to hurt. Well, since I was knocked out, the pain didn't really start until later.

I didn't realize that I had so many parts that could be sore. Nothing was broken and I had very little road rash. However, I was stretched a little out of shape. Sadly, I managed to total the bike. I understand that it was resurected once again, but I was no longer interested.

I have been playing on ebay for some time (another long story). At any rate, I decided to probe the reserve price of a certain motorcycle. To my horror, I watched as nobody else bid on the bike. Finally, someone saved me by out bidding me.

Several days later, I received a "second chance offer" to buy the motorcycle. In a terribly impulsive action, I accepted the offer and bought a 1988 R100RT that was located in the Dallas, TX area. Oops.