Full Scale Links

Where to Learn

New Mexico Sport Aviation
This is an outstanding place to obtain the required training for a pilot's license. The owner, Michael Szczepanski, is also a wonderful instructor.

Aircraft Plans and Such

Acrolite Aircraft
I really like the looks of these designs.

Once the plans have been proofed, this is going to be very popular.

Thatcher CX-4
These plans are available now. This looks like a great airplane.

Double Eagle
This airplane has become THE example for inexpensive airplanes. However it looks very similar to aircraft plans that have been out there for some time.

Stewart Aircraft
A very nostalgic look.

Hummel Aviation
These aircraft are very tempting.

Personal Cruiser
Composite single place. The kit ships flat and folds to shape. Neat idea. Nice looking airplane.

A profile full-scale airplane. From what I have read, order the electronic plans.

Sonerai Aircraft
A tried and true design, with a huge support network.

Sonerai Forum
Speaking of Sonerai Support

Easy Eagle 1
This is a cute little biplane. The plans are marginal and some details will need to be worked out. Also, there is only one flying that I can find. However, there is at least one more being built. The only support that I have found is from the supplier of the plans.

Raceair Designs
Source of plans for the original Mong biplane, Flitplane and Skylite. Other projects are promised.

Light Miniature Aircraft
Source for "all wood" aircraft designs. These designs seem to have a good following and builder network. On the down-side, people tend to build the aircraft heavy.

Fisher Flying Products
These are some of the most popular "all wood" aircraft around. At this time only plans are available. The production of kits has been discontinued.

Davis DA-2
Plans are a little hard to get and read. The airplane gets rave reviews, has a fairly large following and is so ugly that it is cute.

Ragwing Aircraft Designs
This is another source of "all wood" aircraft. Again, people tend to build these on the heavy side.

Serenity Aviation
These folks have purchased the rights for some popular designs, including Jesse Anglin's two-place side by side.

Daisy Mae Biplane
This guy designed and built his own airplane. Available is a book on how he did it as well as plans.

Evan's Aircraft
Home of the venerable Volksplane.

Sky Classic
Source for the Smith Miniplane Biplane

Aircraft Parts, Tools and Such

The Wag-Aero Group
Source of two Piper clones and aircraft parts

Wicks Aircraft
Source of materials, kits and parts.

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty
Source of materials, kits and parts.

Air Parts Inc.
Source of construction materials.

Aircraft Tool
As the name implies, a source for aircraft building tools.

Tin Man
A source for excellent metal-working DVD's. Also, he has some really nice metal-working tools at very reasonable prices.

Culver Props
Source of wooden props.

Ultralight Props
Source for some really nice looking ground adjustable props.

Great Plains Aircraft
Source of some very popular VW engine conversions. They also sell plans and support the Sonerai line of aircraft and the Easy Eagle 1 biplane.

Fly Diver
Source of some very interesting boxer and radial engines for aircraft.

Information, Fun and Such

Kansas City Dawn Patrol
These guys are absolutely crazy. The web site is well done, entertaining and informative. If you are interested in WWI style aircraft, you need to look at this site.

This is the source of plans for the airplane that the Kansas City Dawn Patrol seems to prefer.

Sport Pilot
This is the path to the EAA's Sport Pilot site. This is probably the best site to head to if you are interested in the newest, no-medical pilot's license.