Amateur Radio HF

Currently my home station's primary radio is a Ten-Tec Eagle with a Ten-Tec Triton IV, a Ten-Tec Argonaut V and a Kenwood 430S as backup rigs. I aquired an Ameritron AL-811 linear amplifier from WB5ORT. AS a result, I generally run between 400 and 500 watts. I am using a Butternut HF6V antenna. My first Butternut finally snapped from many years of bending to the will of the wind.

I am not terribly active these days. Most of my operating is on 40 Meters, side band. I enjoy checking into the High Noon Net (formerly the Colorado High Noon Net) on 7240. I have also been known to check into the Breakfast Club and the Roadrunner Nets on 3939. I try to contact a friend, KD5HIP, in Arkansas once a week.

I'm using MixW for the digital modes. It works very well and was written by a talented individual from the Ukraine.

While mobile I am running an Icom 706MkIIG, or an ICOM 7100 and a Scorpian screwdriver antenna. The Scorpian is the finest mobile HF antenna I've ever had the pleasure of using. These are mounted in and on a 2000 Toyota 4Runner or a 1996 Dodge 1-ton. The Toyota has proven to be a very noisy (S-7) platform. I have to stop and turn off the engine to hear moderately weak stations. The Dodge is extremely quiet having a mechanical injection system on the diesel engine. I recieve very good reports of my transmitted signal on both vehicles.