Web Cameras

First Attempt:

Lost Almost

This camera started out life as a Logitech USB web camera. I repackaged the camera in a filter extension tube and stacked an 8X neutral density filter with two polarizing filters to allow adjustment to the amount of light and finally a UV filter. This camera works reasonably well, but the dynamic range and the quality of the pinhole lens are both limitations. The camera is staring out a skylight toward the South East. This camera has been disconnected and the image is the last image uploaded.

Second Attempt:

Lost Almost

It was my great luck to stumble across a used StarDot Video Express 6 sever. The only problem that I had with this server is that I had to download the latest configuration software from the StarDot web site. The disk that came with the hardware was behind the firmware in the server. Once I had the proper software, configuration could not have been easier. I had always read that StarDot was the best and I now believe it. The camera feeding this server is a generic 1/3 inch Sony HAD color camera. The lens is very, very cheap glass, but it does have an auto iris. The auto iris expands the dynamic range of the camera and seems to provide some very nice images in all lighting conditions. This camera is staring out my bedroom window toward the South East. At one time, I thought that I had burned out the red sensors in the camera and I was running the camera in black and white mode. It turned out to be a dirty connection at the server.